Hope Striffler


The first time I went to Pharoah’s I was helping a friend buy an engagement ring. We went to multiple jewelers in the area but ended up going back and purchasing from Pharoah’s because they were the most knowledgeable, friendly, and fair. After hearing about my experience, my (now) fiancé decided to have my ring made there. He did a custom design and I couldn’t be more happy with it, especially knowing he went to such a reputable establishment! I went to Pharoah’s yet again when my fiancé finished flight school. I looked everywhere for “wings of gold” to gift him but couldn’t find them. I gave Pharoah’s a plastic pair and asked if they could make a mold and turn them into gold. The jeweler suggested supplementing my old gold to keep costs down and it was an amazing idea. I ended up getting each family member to donate a piece which was melted and molded to make the wings. I could not be more happy with every experience I had at Pharoah’s. They truly care about their customers and their work is incredible!

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